The Company


Our company SEEDLING GREENHOUSES APOSTOLOS G. BILLIS is situated southern from Larisa, near the node of Neo Perivoli village.

The idea of this greenhouse of seedlings came 15 years ago, in the beginnings of 2001, after the increasing demand for an up-to-date implementation of cultivation methodology that would fulfill the requirements of contemporary needs. Not only the import of modern and innovative methods of planting and the imperative need of reduction of flows, but also the enterprising philosophy of current agriculture allowed our idea to be actually put in place.


Our company expands up to 25 acres of land, including various types of greenhouses, all of them fully equipped with new technological means.

The premises incorporate as well: space for storage of raw material, offices, two growth plant chambers (simultaneous functionality), two automated production lines of seeding, means of transport and delivery of seedlings, shed and even more auxiliary spaces.


Experienced scientific and technical personnel is occupied, while tasks are delegated following horizontal organization. This, in combination with the most excellent infrastructure, ensures for the company the simplified but also trustworthy procedure of seedlings delivery to our customers.

Since ten years up to now, except from processing tomato seedlings, our company is also dealing with the production of all vegetable types of seedlings for professionals and amateur such as tomato, pepper, aubergine, cucumber, courgette, melon, watermelon, artichoke, lettuce, dill, parsley, celery, celeriac, endive, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower.
The disposal of produced seedlings becomes available in all Greece.

Our unit applies an appropriate Quality Management System, additional to all legal and lawful provisions implemented through the production and sale of seedlings.