Greek mountain tea Sideritis

Available varieties of tea seedlings
Sideritis scardica (Olympos) and Sideritis raeseri (Parnassus).

Sideritis scardica: Commonly called Olympos tea. It is a perennial herb, it has a stem simple or branched, squared, a little woody at the base. It is sheltered in rocky places and at an altitude of more than 1,000 meters, in Olympus, Kissavos and Pelion.
Sideritis raeseri: Commonly called Parnassus tea or Velouchi tea. It is perennial, up to 40 cm high. The stem is thin, shiny, simple and rarely branched, a little woody on the base. The lower leaves are lined and the upper sessile lobes, a little bit of sawtled with white fluff, and the flowers are strongly yellow in the extreme inflorescences . It is indigenous and cultivated in the Prefecture of Magnesia. It grows in mountainous areas and in fields of calcareous, stony, moderate fertility, dry.

Common feature of these species but also of the genus SideritisL. is that they are plants particularly suited to survive in rugged areas. These species are particularly resistant to drought and low temperatures. They do not require rich soils and prefer places with light ground not very deep, not cohesive, with plenty of sun.

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